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The demise of Humanity

“She must have been like any of us or any of our recognized once,

She might have plans for the next morning and the next year”.

If it is just the once who shine bright to be recognized always the justice towards the once who were paving their stones will be questioned negatively. Presenting the already diminished angel of tomorrow Late. the chanted name of every paining heart and the upshot of the mistreated nurture.

There is no question of just bringing fast track courts to be the solution, neither doubting good souls who will be blamed for this sin. It is the thirst of these wicked minds that shall be taught harsh lessons as were given in Nagaland 10 years back and the state now reflects women security at power.

This girl hailing from Hyderabad was no single soul but a face to a lot of bright days that were blooming within her. Her face and the weeping eyes that have millions of questions will always make the society to be ashamed of what they are manufacturing nowadays. She will not be there to show her distress but there will be many who will find this in their heart from now onwards.

It is security that should be empowered right and it is actually granting them which will be the strengthened duty. Don’t lose the power within you and don’t forget the eyes that have ever stalked you.

If not they then let us be the care takers of ourselves, and if it is a girl whom you stare everyday then she is a sister to someone like you have of yours.

It is now almost an age and we are marching, protesting, questioning but the justice is still being played between the power seekers. If not today perfectly then tomorrow for sure the anguish will burst and all Nirbhaya’s and others will come together in each one of us and all the spineless bodies will be killed together.

Pain is not a word it is a world that we often give and even don’t realize.

Nishtha Shrivastava

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