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Born as rebellious in a middle-class family, author, Jiganshu Sharma studied well and while chasing her dreams in the corporate world, she realized this is not what she wants. She was not happy.

Since childhood, she was overly pampered with books which turned her into a chubby, antisocial bookworm, who dreamed of becoming a superhero, who saves the world from monsters and supervillains. As she grew up, books gave her immense confidence and she is no more an antisocial human being but her dreams persist. Though she doesn’t possess any superpowers, but her super brain forced her to write stories and save the world from monsters like depression, boredom, and frustration.

So, she quit that job and joined a nationalized bank to follow her passion. No! No! Not the sarkari naukri wala passion, her writing passion. Job is just a way to earn a living. Her dream came true on 10th August 2017 when her debut book, ‘Friends Forever Ya Whatever!’ was launched and loved by many. It’s a rom-com fiction, where protagonist Jugnu Sharma dares to dream in a society where girls are not even allowed to study, she had to surrender many times but the good thing is that she never stops fighting and her dreams and friends kept her strong.

Her second book ‘Papa’ was launched on 14th July 2020, it’s a suspense thriller murder mystery with a pinch of romance and served to reader with seasoning of horror. Along with that, she started coaching many upcoming writers in finishing their novels. Good food and impromptu vacations are her weaknesses.

Now she can proudly introduce herself as,

‘Banker by profession and Writer by passion.’

She is happy and living her dream of a versatile Novelist and writing couch. Well along with writing, she likes to play violin, travel, and practice taekwondo and Muay Thai in her spare time.

Where to find her?         

Well you can directly chat with her on my mail Id-

What to know more about her life?

Her Instagram is jiganshu_the_penpusher.

Her Youtube channel- Jiganshu Sharma

Her twitter handle is @JiganshuS

Her Work

Friends Forever Ya Whatever, her debut book. You can find it on Amazon, Flipkart and kindle.


Papa, her second novel is #1 on kindle in horror, #7 in crime fiction and #54 in amazon bestseller’s list just after the two months of the launch, it is available on amazon, kindle, google play, Flipkart and shopclues.


Third novel will be in book market in December 2020.

Right now she is working on two more novels and sequel of ‘Papa’.

About her books:

Friends Forever Ya whatever-‘Friends Forever Ya Whatever!’ was launched in 10th Aug 2017 and loved by many. It’s a rom-com fiction, where protagonist Jugnu Sharma dares to dream in a society where girls are not even allowed to study, she had to surrender many times but the good thing is that she never stops fighting and her dreams and friends kept her strong. Few of her friends betrayed her but many stand with her to support in time of distress.

Papa- ‘Papa’ was launched in 15th july 2020.

Murder of Ishita Mehra shook her family. It’s a devastating event after the untimely demise of her father Suresh Mehra due to car crash, which dragged her mother, kanta Mehra in depressive state. Elder brother, Pawan Mehra wanted to leave his MBA in the middle of semester and join his family at this gloomy time. Younger brother, Ritesh Mehra stopped him and tries to hide every possible hindrance under his wings.

Who Killed Ishita Mehra?

One road accident, one murder, a suicide and a dedicated investigating officer, is this enough to unveile the mask over the deadly murderer?

Authors Desk:

Life is always tough for me. My childhood was lonely. I was a typical bookworm, anti social, chubby tom-boy girl, who topped year after year in school but no real friends. Bullied and body shamed by my siblings. But both my brothers pampered me with all street food and great books. This turned me into a book addict and foodie who dreamed to be a superhero. I spent most of my childhood while reading Shakuntala Devi, Ruskin Bond, Enid Bylton, J.K Rowling, Robin Sharma, Chetan Bhagat.

Books gave me immense confidence and I started writing poetry and then jumped to book.

Deep down my heart I always wanted to travel but my parents mostly took me to Vashino Devi or Haridwar.

But as I grew up and started earning, I travelled half of our country and made few international trips.

2020 might be tough for everyone but I get few proposals under my writing coach initiative and soon I’ll be introducing few fabulous writers to readers.

I have started initiative under #authorpromoteauthor where I conduct free interviews and reviews for my fellow writers.

Plus I had initiated free writing workshop on Instagram under “Writing tips for aspiring authors”.

Those two are like social service for me which keeps me sane.

Exclusive Interview with Jiganshu:

  • What does this book means to you?

Ah! I always wanted to be a super hero, who save the world and risk her life to make people happy. Now I have lots to endeavours to save people from boredom or frustration by providing them entertaining novels. So ‘Papa’ is one of them. It’s a dream come true for me.

  • What does writing means to you and how are you going to take it ahead in your life?

Since my childhood, I was very shy, chubby and bookworm who prefers to read books in the comfort of her home rather than playing out and making real friends. This all turns me into a very dreamy person and my dreams inspired me to write this book. I always wanted to be a super hero or super cop, who have super powers, who save innocent people in the times of distress. Well I don’t have any super powers but I do have a pen and my super brain and both can write good stories and save people from depression, frustration and spread happiness through writings.

Right now writing is not my full time career. But yes, I wanted to make it my full-time career. My third book is out for submissions and, I am working on fourth novel. Plot of fifth novel is ready and my sixth novel is sequel of ‘PAPA’. Along with that, I have ideas for four more books. So it seems like, I have to say good bye to my banking career.

  • The good and bad times you had while being an author/writer.

Well everything is good about writing, whether it’s struggling to find a cool twist, whether to find a great plot, forgetting plot, remembering it, proofreading it, editing part etc. Bad thing is publication. I tried to mail many big publication house but they didn’t even bothered to reply. I was left with self publication with self publishing houses and it was again the worst experience. They just charge heaps of money and serve worst services. Didn’t even bother to add correct genre of you book.

  • A message to everyone who aspires to be a writer.

Write, write, write till you achieve the best version and market your work well. Don’t run after cool lifestyle which is shown on Instagram, trust me it’s not. Life is tough for a writer; money is less just genuine appreciation which keeps you going.

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