The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 took everyone by storm. The government has clearly emphasized analytical thinking and the integration of coding in children’s curriculum.

A lot of eyebrows were raised at this decision but these major changes have been for good reasons. According to recent stats, an astounding 67% of STEM jobs are generated in generated in computing.

However, only 11% of STEM graduates opt for computer science. It is because of the general perception that coding is extremely difficult to learn. 

The NEP thus aims to solve the problem at a much deeper level by introducing the kids to coding from a young age. It’s not just about the job vacancies that need to be filled by highly-skilled individuals.

It’s more about preparing the kids and teaching them how to co-exist with artificial intelligence in the future. Many of the jobs that exist today will become obsolete due to AI.

Further, technological advancements also necessitate new skills and new jobs for humans to strike the balance. For this reason, coding is no longer just a cool skill to have but a critical one.  

Benefits of Coding For Students

There are several underrated, by-products of teaching kids how to code. 

Besides keeping pace with the tech-centric world, kids learn vital life skills such as communication, collaboration, persistence, problem-solving, creativity, resilience, and confidence.

As parents and teachers, we have the responsibility of inculcating these indispensable life skills in children. Online coding classes for kids will help shoulder that responsibility. 

One of the many practical benefits of coding for students is that it helps them gain a critical competitive advantage in colleges, internships, and jobs. 

Even today, many youngsters struggle with one of the most common questions asked in interviews – “How much experience do you have?”

Fresh graduates have no experience to show but if they possess the ability to code, the probability of them getting hired increases exponentially. 

Technology Shouldn’t Be A Distraction

Many parents are worried about their kids getting constantly distracted by video games and social media networks. Especially with the pandemic, when their eyes are glued to laptops and smartphones.

However, it’s unfair to consider technology a distraction if we don’t introduce them to the other side of it. Kids can learn to create video games, apps, and design animations through coding.

This way, they know what goes on at the backend of technology that grabs so much of their attention, and use it to their advantage in the future. 

About LearningBix

LearningBix was launched by the founders of TechKritya Eduventures. At the foundation of the company is the belief that coding is a must-have skill for kids to thrive in a tech-focused future.

They should have a fair chance of succeeding in the world and which is why LearningBix offers online coding classes for kids and high-school students. 

We have created a fun-filled, interactive environment for kids to learn and enjoy from the comfort of their homes. 

The LearningBix team comprises of academic pedigree from IIMs, IITs, etc. 

Our passionate teachers have completed over 10,000 online projects and over 5000 students have become certified coders through LearningBix. 

The company will also soon launch robotic kits for students between 2-18 years of age. 

Meet The Stellar Mind Behind LearningBix

Mr Nikhil Agarwal is the founder of TechKritya Eduventures LLP, the company responsible for establishing Atal Tinkering Labs in over 500 schools across India, as part of the initiative by the Niti Aayog. Till date, the company has trained more than 5,00,000 students in the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, etc. 

LearningBix is the brainchild of Mr Nikhil Agrawal who has vast experience in the ed-tech domain catering to both B2B and B2C since 2015. He has always been someone who has looked to mould future generations and gift them the power of technology. With LearningBix, he intends to make it a reality. 

Nishtha Shrivastava

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