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India’s Battle with COVID-19

“Every dark night has a bright end and so had all the past calamities,

We might wonder when this will get over but this will definitely go.”

India has taken prompt measures with an organized system to fight the COVID -19 pandemic due to which I strongly feel that India will safely come out of the same. The early stage lockdown was a major action which has made us control the community spread which is showing worst outcomes worldwide.

India being a developing nation is still deprived of a lot of amenities that are accessible to all the citizens but yet the nation is coming up well in all the streams gradually. The organized structure of medical services and police authorities have played a major role in ensuring the imposed lockdown and also grant medical services to every house. The government health workers, social activists and self help groups did their parts in manufacturing medical equipments such as ventilators, masks, sanitizers and other necessary units. This made everyone aware about their individual responsibility to fight the pandemic.

The steps of awareness that were taken through social media, telephones, loudspeakers and health workers who encompassed every rural and urban household was a major contributor in cutting down the number of patients.

Though the number of patients is increasing every day but one should not overlook the number of recovery ratio and also the percentage of patients that we are still cutting with our awareness drives. It might take a few more days, months or probably an year to actually get off this pandemic but with precautions, safety and awareness India will surely win this battle too as we did for many more dangerous disease like Polio, Hepatitis and Plague.

Nishtha Shrivastava

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