The Author – People I Met

The Author

From an “Anonymous” critic writer to the journey of “People I met” has been a legendary change in my weapon that sketches the world.

Hey All! This is “Nishtha Shrivastava” the official Initiative personnel for People I met.

I don’t know what was it about that gave me an idea to write about motivation suddenly from critics. I have travelled the world in my own way, met people who have their own stories and have shared it with me. For some life has been an unjust arena to breath in and stand straight, and their stories made me think and think about why we sob when we are blessed enough to smile, cheer and fly high.

I decided to give my attempt to the society, I am sure stories are what we always have heard, dreamt, lived and tried for. I withstand the point that not all stories might be same as of ours but altogether they have more than that, the hidden things that usually remain unsaid and unheard. Here I come straight with all such secrets and whispers from the people around me.

Let’s meet them out, hear them, push ourselves the way they have done and make a change.

At times I feel myself to be the most unsuccessful creature around; I feel to be lost, dead and even rolled down. But yes, these stories gave me inspiration and I want them to be shared by you all if they can give you the strength that they have given me.

If you get motivated from these stories, I would like to meet you and write about you, and that’s when we will together say that yes “We have accomplished the change”.

Cheers, to this journey!